How long can I rent a DJ studio for?
It’s possible to rent a DJ studio for as long as you need. Prices start at  €19,99 per hour. Check availability here at https://studiobox.nl/dj-studios/

If you want to book a DJ studio for more than 1 full day, then you have to email Tijs at  tijs@studiobox.nl.

How long can I rent a producer studio for?

It’s possible to rent a Producer studio as long as you need. You can already book a Producer studio from €75- per 2 hours. Check availability here at https://studiobox.nl/producer-studios/

If you want to book an Producer studio for more then 1 day, then you have to email Tijs at tijs@studiobox.nl.

Besides that we also offer monthly subscriptions, which work out cheaper (for as low as €7.50 a hour), we recommend those!

What if I accidently break something in the studio?

If you cause damage in one of the studios, then it’s important to update us about the incident so we know what’s broken, allowing us to sort it out together. We also have the option to check the security footage in the studios, but hopefully that won’t be necessary 🙂

Can you give on location mixing/production advice for my track?
We don’t provide any advice on location. Every Producer studio is Plug & Play and therefore has no staff on location. We will be offering production masteclasses soon, email tijs@studiobox.nl
Are your studios suitable for recording vocals, guitars, etc?
Yes, our studios are equipped with a high end quality microphone, therefore vocals and basic instrumentation such as guitar can be recorded effectively.
Here is the full equipment list:
– 2x Genelec 8040 speakers
– 2x Yamaha HS 8 Powered Monitor
– Mackie Thumb MR10SMK3 active subwoofer
– Tascam US 16×08 soundcard
– Røde microphone
– 2x Yamaha HS 8 Powered Monitor
– Genelec 8070 Sub
– 2x Genelec 8040
– Aston Origin microphone
– Tascam US16X8 16in-8out
– Presonus Monitor Station V2 Monitor Switch
– Alesis VI49
Where are your studios located?
We have 4 different studios which can be found here:
– DJ studio at Amsterdam (Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1)
– DJ studio at Den Bosch (Muzerije, Hinthamerstraat 74)
– Producer studio at Amsterdam (Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1)
– Producer studio at Utrecht (Ravellaan 96)
How much does it cost to rent a studio?
The cost to rent a DJ studio are:
– Weekdays: €24,99 per hour
– Weekends: €19,99 per hour
The cost to rent a Producer studio are:
– Weekdays & weekends: €75 – per 2 hours
We also have monthly DJ and Producer studio subscriptions for as low as 7.50 an hour, visit this page https://studiobox.nl/producer-studios/ for more information
What do I need to bring with me?
To use one of our DJ studios you’ll need a USB, SD or CD filled with your music.

To use one of our production studio’s you only need to bring your laptop. Downloading the software for the Tascam driver is recommended but not necessary.

Can I pay at the studio on the day I arrive?
Unfortunately not. You can book your own hours online at our booking system and after that you can pay right away with IDEAL, Paypal, Creditcard or VISA/MasterCard, American Express and more. We don’t accept cash.
How do I make a booking?
At the top of the homepage (www.studiobox.nl) you can choose the studio you want. For example: when you click on DJ studio, you have the choice between Den Bosch and Amsterdam, click on the one you want. Here you can see the bookings schedule with the time slots. Choose the time slot you prefer and you can pay right away.

If you have any further questions please feel free to send us an email here: info@studiobox.nl

Or reach us in the studiobox live chat at the bottom right of the screen!

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